List of Exhibition Panels: Fascinating Facts of the Great War

These are the subjects already researched which feature in exhibition panels:

Horses and Remount Centres
Fleetwood Trawlers
Hospital Ships and Nurses and VADs
Princess Patricia
Philippe De Lacy, child movie star - rescued from a bombed out house in France as a baby
British 2nd Army Rat Catcher on The Western Front Philip Gosse MD
Wilfred Owen in Blackpool
Wilfred Owen in Fleetwood
Wilfred Owen at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood
Animals: donkeys, camels, elephants and glow worms
The Laughing Cow - how the name came about
Scarborough Bombardment
The YMCA in WW1
Zeppelin Raids
Heroic Pigeons
The British Legion and Poppies
The Red Cross in WW1
Nenette and Rintintin – French Lucky Charm Dolls
Rin Tin Tin – the story of the dog rescued in WW1 who became a film star
Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry (Canadian Regiment founded in 1914)