Tuesday 6 May 2014

"Goodbye Old Man" Blue Cross Fund poster

Fortunino Matania was the artist who painted the picture "Goodbye Old Man" which was used as a poster for the Blue Cross Fund, the charity founded during WW1 to help wounded and sick animals in the theatres of war.

Fortunino was born in Naples, Italy on 16th April 1881, the son of Eduardo Martania, who was an also an artist. Fortunino moved to England where he worked until his death in 1963.   

A large, black and white framed picture of the painting hung in the lounge of my maternal Grandparents' home in Crayford, Kent.   I used to stand and gaze at the picture, wondering what had happened to the horse...

Sources:  Wikipedia and Wiki Images

The Blue Cross Charity still exists today and still needs our h help. To find out more and how you can help see www.bluecross.org.uk