Thursday 18 September 2014

Paul Klee (18 - 1940) - German Artist and Soldier in WW1

While I was looking for information about one of the Female Poets of the First World War, I found this German Artist so I thought I would feature him under the Fascinating Facts of the Great War section of the exhibition project. Paul Klee may be known to those of you who are art fanatics but he was new to me and I feel in love at once with his work, which you can find on the Internet. 

Klee was born of German parents in Switzerland in 1879. He was conscripted into the German Imperial Army in 1915, survived the war, worked at Bauhaus, became famous, had exhibitions in London and Paris and had to flee to Switzerland in 1933 due to persecution by the Nazis. He died in Locarno in 1940. His work inspired many musical interpretations. 

I suppose what fascinates me about Klee's work is the combination with poetry which he began to experiment with in 1916. 

Sources: Wikipedia, Google Images and Pictures: Klee (with beard) in the German Army 1916 and his painting "Beginning of a Poem.