Saturday 18 January 2020

Philippe De Lacy - American child movie star rescued during WW1

Philippe De Lacy was born in July 1917.  He was rescued when a British lady called Edith De Lacy heard cries coming from the ruins of a bombed house in Lorraine.  Edith was working with the American Women's Overseas Hospital which was based at that time in Nancy.

When the war ended, Edith adopted Philippe and took him to America, where he began a career as a child model.   He was discovered by a Hollywood talent scout and appeared in his first film when he was four years old.

After appearing in 36 films, many of which were for Paramount Studios, Philippe decided to concentrate on producing and directing films, rather than acting in them.   During the 1950s he also managed a Hollywood TV station and directed films for television.

Philippe died on 29th July 1995 at the age of 78.

The story was told to me by Leigh Bennett from The Wirral who is related to Edith.

Sources:  Leigh Bennett and Wikipedia

Photo of Philippe:  Wiki Images


Through a mutual friend, Barry Allen sent me the following up-date: "Lucy has the basic facts about Philippe correct. IMDB has him in 38 films and lists them. The number you quoted is proably beause he was not crditited for some films and some were shorts and may have not been counted.

Philippe had a very long career with J. Walter Thompson’s advertising agency. He has a listing for two WWII documentaries – “Yorktown” and “The Fighting Lad” -  as an editorial assistant. His childhood story was the subject of a fictional children's book “LITTLE PHILIPPE OF BELGIUM”, by Madeline Brandeis as part of her "Children of the World " series."

Thank you Stephen and Barry.