Saturday 6 November 2021

"Twelve Secret Voices" A Hand-made mystery bedspread from World War One

In November 2018, Anne Schuermans was in a charity shop in Wales, UK, rummaging through a bag of white goods, looking for a tablecloth for Christmas Day, when she came across a rather unusual embroidered double bedspread. Anne tells us:  "The bedspread was unusual because the embroidery was not of baskets, seasons, flowers or bonneted ladies. There wasn’t even a bird or bow!  The embroidery was of REGIMENTAL BADGES!   Twelve in total, representing assorted units from seven commonwealth countries!

When my husband Damian and I identified them, another unique fact came to light - they were all active in World War One! Now we were REALLY intrigued!

This amazing bedspread helped us through 2020 by taking us on an international and often time- travelling adventure, including 1914 Ypres, a British actor in Hollywood, an Irish Convent, Chequers (yes - THAT one) and to numerous historic professional organisations.

And all because there is NO clue on it of WHO, WHERE, WHY, WHEN etc. it was made! NOTHING AT ALL!

These questions inspired us to write a book about our adventure and we are pleased that this beautiful article is now in a public collection for all to enjoy.  We have called the book .

"TWELVE SECRET VOICES:  A true World War One mystery" 


£10 plus p&p worldwide from

Anne and Damian"

Wow! I will definitely have to get a copy of this!